morning sky

We are currently residing up north… with wonderful sunrise view.

Sanatorium – a publishers blog

Sanatorium is a publishing-house in Strängnäs, Sweden. Their website had been incomplete for a few years when I met them.

They wanted a blog that they could edit themselves.

Laxsjö – Here is Grace

Laxsjö – Here is Grace, Laxsjö – Hen ere grett A photoblog with photos from Jämtland, some taken by me, some by the artist Taruna.


A website for an eco-village project. Including separate pages for the village hotel, about, what to do and how to get there with a custom-made map. Most of the photos were taken by me.

Hotell Vitarosen

A one-page website for a hotel called Vitarosen.

Colors for God

Colors for God, for the artist Taruna Visit


Its in the details the secret lies… This is the best thing about photographing… Getting close, seeing the small picture…


Last summer se visited the south of Sweden, land of the artists…



We stayed for a year in the north of Sweden. We didn’t see the midnight sun from there, but a few other spectacular views. It was a wonderful year, a wonderful place and… Continue reading


These photos are from Puri, in Orissa, India. Taken in the winter of 2008


I studied Pata-citra, an ancient form of folk-art, in Orissa, India. The rules are strict: things should look a certain way, and one shall not have to redraw or use a rubber…

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