Art School – Place

The following two weeks are dedicated to the theme Place.

The first thing to do is choose 5 places of significance.

  1. Part of my home (my art studio). I can be at home for days at a time without even opening the door. I love being home, but also being away on adventures and coming back home.

2. As i see it the sky is also a place. I often long to fly among the clouds like a bird, or Supergirl 😉

3. A place that scares and fascinates me is the Himalayas. This is the last page of my college specialproject about my growing up in India. 7 years have passed since then and I have still not come there…

4. Ofcourse, India! A well travelled street between Mochisahi and the big temple of God in Jagannath Puri, Orissa, where the larger part of my childhood was spent in, or being on our way to.

5. This signifies my future. The preachers pulpit in Uppsala Cathedral in Sweden. I shall say no more 😉